Bye for now

Hi everyone! If you’ve reached our site, you may not be aware that IVEA labs has stopped developing software solutions as of August 2016. Do not be sad – we are moving on to bigger and better things. :) We appreciate your interest in still checking out our website.

We (Alex, Adam, Andrew, and Vicky) have had an amazing, adventurous year with this venture and have certainly learned a lot. We are looking forward to what the future holds so this is not good bye – just see you later! 🎉

We want to extend our thanks to Belfast Enterprise Academy, the Propel Programme, the American Ireland Fund, and Queen’s University Belfast.


Unearth is a former dual-aspect solution to modernise the venue visiting experience, making any location a smart location.

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An update

Hi guys! A good deal of our followers will be aware of this by now, but the website deserves a quick update! We have recently decided to wrap up IVEA labs – this will come as a shock to some

DigitalDNA IVEA2015 code

IVEA labs stall at Digital DNA’s fantastic “Digital Tourism” event

This morning we’ll be seeing you at the Digital DNA tourism event – if you’ve left deciding to go to the last minute, you can still get 50% off with “IVEA2015”! Wondering what the event we’re at today is all about? Digital

TotalMobile Logo

TotalMobile pitches for the INVENT 2015 Student Category

Last week we delivered our final INVENT 2015 Student Competition pitches, on Tuesday 29th September at the Total Mobile UK offices. All the finalists were treated to free caramel squares, which is great! Getting ready to pitch for the @InventNI student

Belfast Enterprise Academy logo (Belfast City Council)

IVEA labs graduates from the Belfast Enterprise Academy

The Belfast Enterprise Academy is a programme for degree students living in the Belfast area that would like to become entrepreneurs. In the academy you will meet other entrepreneurs, visit successful businesses and learn how to be innovative business people.

Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition

IVEA labs wins Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition

Now in its third year, The Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition aims to nurture creativity and hone entrepreneurial skills amongst recent graduates and postgraduate students – the early stage entrepreneurs who will play a crucial role in getting us back